2020 Turkey Camps Canceled!

Turkey Camp EAST 2020
Turkey Camp EAST 2020 has been canceled.  Since we canceled this event, the State of Nebraska has suspended the sales of all out of state turkey hunting licenses as of 3-30-20. This is due to the COVID 19 Health Epidemic. 
We have tentatively set dates for the TURKEY CAMP EAST 2021 for April 23-26, 2021.
Any who are registered may notify me to to carry their reservation over to the 2021 camps or we will seek to refund the amounts that you have put down.  The only exception would be if you purchased this hunt from another entitiy than us.  Thanks. 
Turkey Camp WEST 2020
   Turkey Camp WEST 2020 has been canceled!  We are sorry for the incovenience.  We have been notified on 3-31-2020 that the state of Nebraska has canceled the sale of all oujt of state turkey hunting license purchases for the 2020 season, effectively canceling this season to out of state hunters.  This is due to the COVID 19 health epidemic and their fear that out of state hunters might inadvertently bring the virus into the state with them. 
If you are registered for this hunt, we will refund your registration fees or forward them it to the TURKEY CAMP WEST 2021 hunt which we plan and hope to present.  If you wish to donate any portion to this ministry we will acknowledge that donation with a letter of receipt for tax purposes.
The tentative dates for the TURKEY CAMP WEST 2021 hunt would be WEDNESDAY April 28, 2021-Saturday May 1, 2021.
   Registration forms will be downloadable from our News and Events Page in advance of the events.
The cost of each camp is $750 per person. 
   It is our goal to keep the costs as low as possible, but inflation and rising costs require an increase.
Turkey Camp MICHIGAN 2020
SkyQuest Outdoor Ministries is partnering with Sportspersons Ministries International to offer the MICHIGAN 2020 Turkey Camp.  You may find out more information by going to their site. www.spi-int.org  To obtain a brochure on this camp email Ross and request the brochure at ross.graveling@gmail.com  Tentative dates for this camp are May 14-17, 2020.  As of April 1, 2020 this camp is still planned.
UPDATE and Praise! 
Our friends Rob and Jackie Passer continue to serve with Reach Global. Rob is a board member of SkyQuest Outdoor Ministries and a successful guide at our Turkey Camp ministries. He always gets his people an opportunity and most of the time they connect! 
The Passer's continue to serve the Lord with REACH GLOBAL in Texas.  Jackie just underwent a liver transplant and is recovering.  Pray for her complete recovery, please.
                           To view Rob and Jackie's Facebook Page look here:  
                           Programs Recommended!
     Both of our host camps for our Turkey Camps offer quality Youth and Family camping programs.  Go the links here to find out more. 

Contact information for SkyQuest Outdoor Ministries - 10931 Laketon Ave, Ravenna, MI 49451-9738 - Phone: 616 844-8551 - Email: jmccullough@skyquestoutdoorministries.org,              jmccullough@skyquestoutdoors.com