Know God

Eternal Life is a gift from God. It is furnished by the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. He died, was buried, and rose again according to the Holy Scriptures. Consider the following in order to know Him and receive the gift of eternal life.

Let’s use the word FAITH to help us understand.

F is for forgiveness. You cannot have eternal life without God’s forgiveness.

A is for available. The good news is that forgiveness is available, but it is not automatic.

I is for impossible. It is impossible to go to heaven and have eternal life with out God’s forgiveness because of what we are and who God is.

God is a God of Holiness. He requires holiness of all who come into his heaven and presence.

God is a God of Justice. He requires all sin be paid for. He will not and cannot overlook that sin.

God is a God of Righteousness. All He does is completely right and consistent with His Word and His character.

God is a God of Love. He wishes all people to be saved by accepting His forgivenss and thereby being saved.

Humans are sinful. All have sinned against God in our words, our actions, our thoughts, and our attitudes.

How could all these things fit together? How could they all be satisfied in a consistent way? The answer is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the second person of the Trinity. He received to Himself a human nature. He went to Calvary to die in my place and yours. His suffering and death provides the means of eternal life.

So God is willing to forgive you and me all our sins and declare us righteous based upon the person and work of Jesus. That is an act of faith; a choice each person must make

T is for Turn. We must all turn from our sin, the Bible word is repent, and turn to the One God provided who is Jesus Christ. By faith we receive Him.

H is for How and for Heaven.

How? By forsaking all other means of trying to get eternal life including our own works, we turn to the one God has provided. Jesus alone.

Heaven. Heaven begins HERE and continues into the HEREAFTER when we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord.

Suggested Prayer. “Heavenly Father, I have sinned. I have fallen short of your standards. By faith I receive your forgiveness offered in Jesus Christ. As an act of my will I choose Him and accept Jesus as the Lord of my life and as my Savior. Thank you for forgiving me of my sin. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

If you have prayed the prayer above by faith, we would love to help you understand and know more about God and His will for you. Please contact us to let us know of your conversion and to obtain materials and referrals to people who may help you in your new life of faith.